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Milner Library Faculty and Staff

Judith Bee portrait

Judith Bee

Teaching with Primary Sources Staff

(309) 438-5468

Scott Bye portrait

Scott Bye

Continuing Order & Renewal Specialist

(309) 438-7464

Christine Fary portrait

Christine Fary

Research Services Assistant Librarian, Agriculture Librarian & Interim Music Librarian

(309) 438-5010

Sue Franzen portrait

Ms. Sue Franzen

Associate Dean of Public Services & Organizational Development

(309) 438-3525

Sarah French portrait

Sarah French

(On Leave) Educational Administration & Foundations, Psychology, and Special Education Librarian

(309) 438-7188

Tom Hardy portrait

Tom Hardy

Education and Psychology Librarian

(309) 438-7452

Wendy Kapraun portrait

Wendy Kapraun

Circulation and Interlibrary Loan Specialist

(309) 438-3818

Becky Koch portrait

Becky Koch

Conservator and Preservation Specialist

(309) 438-3450

Steve Koehler portrait

Steve Koehler

Creative Technologies IT Specialist

(309) 438-7164

Krysta Mapes portrait

Krysta Mapes

Electronic and Continuing Resources Librarian

(309) 438-3484

Michelle Neuffer portrait

Michelle Neuffer

Director of Marketing and Communications

(309) 438-3897

Jason Paul portrait

Jason Paul

Linux and Database Server Administrator

(309) 438-3754

Ryan Peters portrait

Ryan Peters

Library Project Coordinator, Building Manager

(309) 438-2865

Rachel Scott portrait

Dr. Rachel Scott

Associate Dean for Information Assets

(309) 438-7215

Jennifer Sharkey portrait

Jennifer Sharkey

Associate Professor & Head, Instruction and Student Engagement Department

(309) 438-3485

Lindsey Skaggs portrait

Lindsey Skaggs

Discovery Services & User Experience Librarian

(309) 438-3355

Joseph Skotzke portrait

Joseph Skotzke

Teaching with Primary Sources Midwest Region Associate Director

(309) 438-3441

Joseph Smith portrait

Joseph Smith

Circulating Technology Library Specialist

(309) 438-5879

Maria Tudela portrait

Maria Tudela

Humanities & Social Sciences Librarian

(309) 438-3527

Lataetka Wooten portrait

Lataetka Wooten

Print and Electronic Resource Cataloging Specialist

(309) 438-7044

Angela Yon portrait

Angela Yon

Assistant Professor, Cataloging & Metadata Librarian

(309) 438-2863