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April Anderson-Zorn

University Archivist
Milner Library
Office Hours
By appointment (please email to schedule).
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April K. Anderson-Zorn is the University Archivist for ISU. Anderson-Zorn is a Florida native with intersecting interests in performing art, themed entertainment, business history, and archives.

Teaching Interests & Areas

Archival theory and practice, archival management, archival research in scholarship, teaching with archival materials, and themed entertainment archives.

Research Interests & Areas

Archival outreach, archival accessibility, and identity and mental health in the archival profession.

Other Library and Information Science

Florida State University
Tallahassee, Florida

MA HIstory

University of Central Florida
Orlando, Florida

Bachelor of Arts History

University of West Florida
Pensacola, Florida

Outstanding College Researcher Award

Milner Library

Outstanding College Service Award

Milner Library

Book, Authored

Anderson, April Karlene. Illinois State University. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2017.

Book, Chapter

Štefanac, Tamara, Jana Gligorijevic, Antonio Diaz Lucena, Jasenka Ferber Bogdan, Ivan Vranjić, Tammi Kim, and April Anderson-Zorn. “Documenting and Archiving Student Life.” Documenting and Archiving Student Life, 2023. Invited to contribute a short article on American academic archives for “They: Live – Student lives” for the International Center for Archival Research (ICARUS).
Anderson, April Karlene. “Mobile Technologies and Archives: Using the New to Preserve the Old.” In The Handheld Library : Mobile Technology and the Librarian, edited by Thomas A. Peters and Lori Bell, 143-151. First ed. Santa Barbara: Libraries Unlimited, 2013.

Journal Article

Stephanie Collier, April Anderson-Zorn; Wikipedia Pages for Underrepresented Archivists: Creating Representation through an SAA Foundation Grant-Funded Documentation Project. The American Archivist 1 September 2023; 86 (2): 632–652. doi:
Anderson-Zorn, A. K., (2021) “Portable Archives: Using Mobile Technology for Archival Education and Outreach in a Campus Community”, Archival Issues 41(1). doi:
Anderson-Zorn, April K. and Long, Dallas (2021) "Digitize Your Yearbooks: Creating Digital Access While Considering Student Privacy and Other Legal Issues," Journal of Contemporary Archival Studies: Vol. 8, Article 14.
Available at:
Anderson-Zorn, April K., Michael Andrew Davis, Danielle Nowak, and Alison Stankrauff. "Our Comeback Story: Impostor Syndrome in the Archival Profession." The American Archivist 84, no. 2 (2021): 502-519.
April K. Anderson-Zorn (2022) Do I Belong? Impostor Syndrome in Times of Crisis, Music Reference Services Quarterly, 25:2-3, 59-69, DOI: 10.1080/10588167.2021.1996095

Magazine/Trade Publication

Anderson-Zorn, April Karlene, et al. "Writing Our Comeback Stories: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in the Archives Profession." Archival Outlook, (May/June 2020): 6-7.
Anderson-Zorn, April Karlene. "Not all wore helmets: Preserving the work of women in the 'Great War'." Illinois Heritage Vol 21, No 6 (January 2019): 37-41.


Anderson, April Karlene. "A Trip Through Time: Examining Travel and Tourism Databases." MAC Newsletter 44 (January 2017): 28-31.

Newspaper, Regular Column

Anderson-Zorn, A. How Time Flies. Illinois State Annuitants Association Newsletter. Illinois State Annuitants Association Newsletter (2011)

Technical Report

Anderson, April Karlene, et al. "Proposal for a Digital Archives Program at the Dr. Jo Ann Rayfield Archives." Milner Library, Illinois State University, 2016.
Anderson, April Karlene. Report on the Survey of the Archival Materials at the American Automobile Association Headquarters. Orlando: unpublished report provided to the American Automobile Association, 2008.


Flinn, Taylor and April Anderson-Zorn. “Measuring Impostor Phenomenon in the Archival Profession.” Presentation for the 96th Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago, Illinois, April 20th, 2024.
Health in the Archives: Creating Unique Activities to Teach Archival Literacy in a Public Health Course. Society of American Archivists annual conference. Society of American Archivists. (2023)
Healthy History: Using Archival Literacy Activities in non-Humanities Courses. Academy of Canadian Archivists annual meeting. (2023)
Imposter Phenomenon and Archivists. Midwest Archives Conference annual meeting. Midwest Archives Conference. (2023)
Creating Representation for Archivists in Wikipedia: SAA Foundation Grant Funding and How it Helped Create Awareness. Society of American Archivists. (2022)
Digitize Your Yearbooks: Creating Digital Access While Considering Student Privacy and Other Legal Issues. New England Archivists. (2022)
Exploring the past and present: Incorporating archival materials with disease prevention efforts.. ISU Teaching and Learning Symposium. Illinois State University. (2022)
Anderson-Zorn, April K. and Alicia Wodika. “Exploring the Present with the Past: Incorporating Archival Exploration in Teaching Disease Preventions.” Presentation for the Research Forum at the Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting, online, August 2022.
Anderson-Zorn, April Karlene, “Archival Health: Using Archival Literacy Activities to Teach Public Health.” Presentation as part of the larger session titled "Undergraduates in the Archives: High-Impact Practices and the Transformational Power of Primary Sources" at the Midwest Archives Conference Annual Meeting, Madison, Wisconsin, May 6, 2022.
Anderson-Zorn, April K. and Stephanie Collier. “Creating Wikipedia Pages for Underrepresented Archivists: Project Goals, Outcomes, and Next Steps.” Presentation for the Research Forum at the Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting, online, July 2021.

Grants & Contracts

Impostor Phenomenon in Archivists. University Research Grant. Illinois State University. (2023)
Creating Authoritative Wikipedia Pages for Illinois State University’s Presidents. University Research Grant (Research and Sponsored Programs). Illinois State University. (2019)
Creating Authoritative Wikipedia Pages for Women Archivists and Archivists of Color. Society of American Archivists Foundation. Illinois State University. (2019)