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Library corner space.

Accessibility Services

This page is designed to introduce various library services for people with disabilities.

Emergency Procedures


At Milner Library:

In the event of a fire, a very loud strobe alarm with flashing lights will go off. People with disabilities should use the Library’s emergency stairwells as an Area of Rescue if they are unable to evacuate the building. (All stairwells are clearly marked as follows: The North side stairwell is painted with blue squares, the East side stairwell with green circles, and the South side stairwell with red triangles). The person(s) with disabilities should wait in the Area of Rescue for emergency personnel to assist them with evacuation, if necessary. Do not attempt to move wheelchairs down stairways or leave a wheelchair. Library staff will notify emergency personnel and other library staff of the presence and location of a person with disabilities.

At University Archives:

All exits from public spaces at Archives are at ground-level. People with disabilities should use the nearest emergency exit to evacuate the building.


In the event of an earthquake while you are in the library, move to an open space away from objects that could fall on you. If you are able to do so, move under a table or desk. If not, cover your head with your hands. Do not use the elevators. After the earthquake is over, evacuate the building if you are able. Otherwise, remain in place and wait for emergency personnel.


There will be an announcement over the loudspeaker when there is a tornado watch or warning. A watch means that weather conditions are favorable for the possible development of tornadoes. A tornado warning means that a tornado has been sighted. In the event of a tornado warning, move quickly to a safe zone such as the restrooms. If you are on Floor 6 and are able to navigate to restrooms on a lower floor without using the elevators, do so. If not, go to the 6th floor restrooms. After the tornado is over, if you are not able to evacuate the floor, remain in place and wait for emergency personnel.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with concerns or questions. Your feedback is welcome!