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Subject Librarians

Librarians, assigned to specific disciplines and subjects, focus on collection purchases and evaluation, specialized reference, information fluency instruction, and act as liaisons with colleges, departments, and schools. Librarians and their assigned areas are listed below. If a particular subject librarian is not available, use our Ask a Librarian service. For questions about library collection development policy, feel free to contact Chad Buckley.

All Faculty and Staff

Subject Librarian Subject Guide
Accounting Danielle Futoran Turos View Accounting Guide
Agriculture Christine Fary View Agriculture Guide
Anthropology Vanette Schwartz View Anthropology Guide
Art Heather Koopmans View Art Guide
Biological Sciences Chad Buckley View Biological Sciences Guide
Business Administration Danielle Futoran Turos View Business Administration Guide
Business Education Danielle Futoran Turos View Business Education Guide
Chemistry Joshua Newport View Chemistry Guide
Communication Maria Tudela View Communication Guide
Communication Sciences & Disorders Chris Worland View Communication Sciences & Disorders Guide
Creative Technologies Heather Koopmans View Creative Technologies Guide
Criminal Justice Sciences Grace Allbaugh View Criminal Justice Sciences Guide
Dance Heather Koopmans View Dance Guide
Economics Grace Allbaugh View Economics Guide
Educational Administration & Foundations Tom Hardy View Education Administration & Foundation Guide
English Jean MacDonald View English Guide
Family & Consumer Sciences Maria Tudela View Family & Consumer Sciences Guide
Finance, Insurance & Law Danielle Futoran Turos View Finance, Insurance, & Law Guide
Geography, Geology, and the Environment Joshua Newport View Geography, Geology, and the Environment Guide
Health Sciences Joshua Newport View Health Sciences Guide
History Vanette Schwartz View History Guide
Information Technology Joshua Newport View Information Technology Guide
International Business Danielle Futoran Turos View International Business Guide
Kinesiology & Recreation Joshua Newport View Kinesiology & Recreation Guide
Languages, Literatures & Cultures Jean MacDonald View Languages, Literatures & Cultures Guide
Latin American & Latina/o Studies Maria Tudela View Latin American and Latino/a Studies Guide
Legal Studies Chad Kahl View Legal Studies Guide
Management Danielle Futoran Turos View Management Guide
Marketing Danielle Futoran Turos View Marketing Guide
Master of Business Administration Danielle Futoran Turos View Master of Business Administration Guide
Mathematics Joshua Newport View Mathematics Guide
Military Science Grace Allbaugh View Military Science Guide
Music Christine Fary View Music Guide
Nursing Laura Killingsworth View Nursing Guide
Philosophy Grace Allbaugh View Philosophy
Physics Julie Murphy View Physics Guide
Politics and Government Grace Allbaugh View Politics and Government Guide
Psychology Tom Hardy View Psychology Guide
Social Work Vanette Schwartz View Social Work Guide
Sociology Vanette Schwartz View Sociology Guide
Special Education Tom Hardy View Special Education Guide
Teaching & Learning Caitlin Stewart View Teaching & Learning Guide
Technology Chris Worland View Technology Guide
Theatre Heather Koopmans View Theatre Guide
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Maria Tudela View Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Guide
Other Specialty Areas Librarian Help Guide
Copyright and Fair Use Colby Cilento View Copyright and Fair Use Guide
Data Services Chad Kahl View Data Services Guide
Government Documents Angela Bonnell View Government Documents Guide
International Pathways Jean MacDonald  
Maps Vanette Schwartz View Map Collection Guide
Scholarly Communication Rachel Scott View Scholarly Communication Guide
Teaching Materials Center Caitlin Stewart View Teaching Materials Center Guide
Veterans and Military Services Chad Kahl  
Undeclared Students Librarian  
Undeclared A-E Mallory Jallas  
Undeclared F-J Jennifer Sharkey  
Undeclared K-O Jennifer Sharkey  
Undeclared P-T Jennifer Sharkey  
Undeclared U-Z Chris Worland