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Jennifer Sharkey

Associate Professor & Head, Instruction and Student Engagement Department
Milner Library
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Jennifer Sharkey is an Associate Professor and Head of Instruction and Student Engagement. In this role, she leads a team of librarians, overseeing Milner Library's instructional programming for curricular and co-curricular programs. Her research interests encompass curriculum/instructional design, pedagogy, assessment, and using technology to enhance learning.

Book, Chapter

Sharkey, J., & Brandt, D. Integrating technology literacy and information literacy. Online and Distance Learning: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications. IGI Global (2008): 580--588.

Conference Proceeding

Rein, D., Sharkey, J., & Kinkus, J. Integrating Bioinformatic Instruction Into Undergraduate Biology Laboratory Curriculum. Michael A. O’Donnell (EDs), Tested Studies for Laboratory Teaching, Proceedings of the 28th Conference of the Association for Biology Laboratory Education (ABLE) (2007): 183-216.

Journal Article

Franzen, S., & Sharkey, J. Impact of Embedded Librarianship on Undergraduate Nursing Students Information Skills. Journal of the Medical Library Association (2021)
Franzen, S., Dick, S., & Sharkey, J. Minding the Gap: Grassroots Efforts to Enhance the Graduate Student Research Experience (2018)
Rinehart, A., Sharkey, J., & Kahl, C. Learning Style Dimensions and Professional Characteristics of Academic Librarians. College & Research Libraries 76.4 (2015): 450-468.
Sharkey, J. Using COUNTIF and COUNTIFs Formulas to Help Analyze \& Graphically Represent your Instruction Data. LOEX Quarterly 42.1 (2015): 3.
Sharkey, J., McMillin, B., & Prosise, T. One Size Can't Fit All: A Multi-Layered Assessment Approach to Identifying Skill and Competency Levels (2013)


Better Together: Academic Libraries and Campus Collaborations for Student Success. LOEX 2022. (2022)
Academic Libraries & Student Success: An Investigation of the Library’s Role in Campus-wide Student Success Initiatives. 2021 American Library Association Annual Conference. (2021)
Worland, C. & Sharkey, J. (2019, September). Helping you support your students: Connecting first-year general education instructors to the library. Presentation at the 12th Annual Midwest First-Year Conference, Normal, IL.

Grants & Contracts

University Research Grant: Student Success Initiatives in Academic Libraries. Milner Library. Illinois State University. (2021)
University Research Grant: Learning Styles of Librarians. Milner Library. Illinois State University. (2010)