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Student recording a Podcast


Milner Library offers its patrons an assortment of technological materials and resources. We are committed to providing a quality experience for user research, production, or group collaborations.

  • Printing, Scanning, Copying

    We provide free scanning, affordable color printing, and black and white copying.

    Print, copy, scan

  • Computer Workstations

    We offer stand-alone workstations all through Milner Library. Most floors have computers, scanners, and black and white printing stations available.

    View Milner computer workstations

  • Make It Space

    Exercise your creativity with our Make It Space. We have 3D printing, Ellison die cutting, button making, video & music editing, laminating, binding, and a whole lot more!

    Start creating in the Make It Space

    3D Printing

  • Borrow Devices & Laptops

    We are more than stacks of books and a place to print. We have a ton of equipment that you can borrow for whatever you need.

    Borrow a laptop

    Calculators, cameras, chargers, and more

More Technology Resources

  • 3D Scanning

    Milner library will scan physical objects to create 3D models for ISU faculty and graduate students.

    Set up a 3D scan

  • Group Collaboration Stations

    Need a whiteboard, shared monitor, and power? We’ve got it at the Collaboration Stations. Take a look at these great spaces to work in a small group.

    Find a collaboration station

  • Drop-in Offices

    Hook your laptop up to a keyboard, mouse,and large monitor in a quiet space on Floor 4.

    Start studying in a Drop-in Office

  • Ready Record Studio

    Ready Record Studio is available to all students, faculty, and staff to record quality digital video projects.

    Use the ready record studio

  • Wireless Access

    Need help getting connected to the Illinois State University network? We’ll get you started in the right direction.

    Connect to WiFi

  • Microform Readers, Printers, and Scanners

    We house a large selection of microforms (microfilm, microfiche, and microcard) and the tools to use them.

    Learn more about microform