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Two students working on an computer assignment together in Milner.

Laptop Checkout

Illinois State University students, faculty, and staff may borrow a laptop computer at the Circulation Desk on Floor 2 for use in Milner Library. A valid university identification card is required.

Laptops are available on a first-come/first-served basis for up to three hours. Laptops may be used to connect to the campus wireless network. Laptops may also be used off-network.

Browse the frequently asked questions below for more information about the service.

  • What do I need to borrow a laptop?
You need a valid Illinois State University ID Card (Redbird Card), and your library account should be in good standing.
  • What types of laptops are available?
We only have Windows laptops available for checkout.
  • Are headphones included with the laptop?
Headphones for use with your borrowed laptop are also available at the Circulation Desk. Ask for a set at the time you borrow your laptop.
  • What is my responsibility when using a laptop?
You are responsible for safe use of the laptop. Never leave your laptop unattended. You are responsible for repair and replacement costs if the laptop or any of its accessories are lost, damaged, or stolen while checked out in your name, regardless of whether the damage is caused by you or someone else. Return your laptop to the Circulation Desk by the time due but no later than one hour before library closing. Hand the laptop to a staff person and wait for a receipt.
  • What programs are on the laptop?
The same software found on our workstations throughout the building is available on our checkout laptops.
  • How do I log into the laptop?
Log in using your ULID and password
  • Where can I use the laptop?
You can use the laptop on any floor in Milner Library. Laptops may not be taken outside the library. The strength of your wireless signal may vary depending on distance from our wireless transmitters and on factors such as humidity and proximity to metal (for example, our library shelves). If your wireless signal is weak, try moving to another area.
  • Should I save my work to the laptop hard drive?
No. Files saved on the laptop hard drive are automatically deleted when you log off the laptop. Instead, save your files on your OneDrive, or on a USB drive. Milner Library is not responsible for finding or retrieving files saved to the laptop hard drive. If you are not familiar with Datastore, staff at the Reference/Information Desk or the Milner Computer Lab can help you.
  • Can I print from a laptop?
Yes, checkout laptops are configured to print to the uPrint Mobile Printing service in the same way that our workstations throughout the building. For more information, see Print, Copy, Scan.
  • What if I return the laptop late or damaged?
Due to their limited number and high cost, special fines and fees apply to laptops returned late or damaged. A $5 late charge is assessed for each half hour or portion thereof that the laptop is returned late. Any laptop or accessory not returned before library closing will be considered lost. You will be responsible for the appropriate replacement charges and a non-refundable $25 processing fee (in addition to accrued late charges). Fines and fees are billed to your student account.
  • Where can I go for help using the laptop?
You can go to the Reference Desk in the main lobby for help with checkout laptops. If the Reference Desk is closed you can also come back to the Circulation Desk where you checked out the laptop.