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Students working together on a collaboration table.

Collaboration Stations

The Collaboration Stations in Milner Library let you quickly display your laptop or mobile device screen on a large 43” monitor. All collaboration stations can seat groups of 5-6 people and have the same functionality.

How to use

The Collaboration Stations work with Windows, Mac, iOS or Android as long as your device has video output and a matching plug.

Using a station is as simple as identifying the cable (HDMI, USB-C, Lightning, and Mini DisplayPort) that plugs into your device and plugging it in and the monitor will automatically begin displaying what’s on your screen; no software, adapters, or configuration required!


Collaboration Stations can be found in convenient locations on three floors in Milner Library.

  • Floor 3 - Six collaboration stations are located along the east side of the open study space. Many surrounded by whiteboards to further enhance group work and collaboration.
  • Floor 5 - The nine Study Pod rooms located in the North-West corner and East side of the floor have built-in collaboration stations. There is also an open collaboration station available behind the north-west Study Pods.
  • Floor 6 - One collaboration station is available straight ahead of the main entrance to the floor from the main stairwell.