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Borrow Technology & Devices

Milner Library provides a variety of mobile devices and media equipment that may be borrowed by Illinois State University students, faculty, and staff with a current Redbird Card and a library account in good standing. These items are available for checkout at the library’s circulation desk during hours that the library is open.

Device Quantity Specifications Loan Period Late Fee Replacement
Laptop computers 30 Dell, Windows 7, MS Office, Wi-Fi 3-hour, in library only $10/hour $2,000
Digital Camcorder 5 Sony Handycam 48-hour $25/day $200-400 depending on cost
Graphing Calculator 6 TI-83 16-week $25/day $50
Graphing Calculator 5 TI-83 3-hour $2/hour $50
Graphing Calculator 3 TI-84 16-week $25/day $130
Graphing Calculator 5 TI-84 3-hour $2/hour $130
Graphing Calculator 5 TI-89 16-week $25/day $130
Graphing Calculator 2 TI-89 3-hour $2/hour $130
Calculator (non-graphing) 8 Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS 3-hour $25/day $50
Digital Camera 3 Canon PowerShot, various models 48-hour $25/day $250-400 depending on cost
Digital SLR Camera 3 Nikon D3500 48-hour $25/day $450
Swivl 5 Presentation Tool 1-week $25/day $300-1000 depending on cost
Meeting Pro Owl 4 Presentation Tool 1-week $25/day $1,000
External Battery 5 Anker External Battery 3 hour $2/hour $50
Digital Voice Recorder 1 Olympus VN-8100PC 48-hour $25/day $80
Digital Voice Recorder 1 Sony ICD-BX700 48-hour $25/day $50
Digital Audio Recorder 2 Zoom H1 Handy Recorder 48-hour $25/day $100
Audio Cassette Player 1 Reshow Super USB cassette capture 3-hour $25/day $50
Audio-cassette Recorder 1 Panasonic 48-hour $25/day $50
Sony microphone 4 External microphone for use with the Sony Handycams 48-hour $25/day $100
USB Omni-directional Microphone 2 Snowball 48-hour $25/day $70
Lapel Microphone 2 You Mic Lavalier Microphone 48-hour $25/day $20
USB Headset Microphone 4 Logitech 3-hour, in library only $2/hour $50
Headphones 5 HamiltonBuhl stereo headphones 3-hour $25/day $50
LCD Multimedia Projector 1 Epson Powerlite W17 48-hour $25/day $750
DLP Multimedia Projector 3 Acer 3D-720p DLP Projector 48-hour $25/day $300
DLP Multimedia Projector 2 Epson LCD VS260 48-hour $25/day $750
Tripod 1 66” 48-hour $25/day $30
Tripod 5 50" 48-hour $25/day $15
Lenovo External DVD 5 External Disc Drives 48-hour $25/day $50
AltoEdge USB Foot Pedal 1 Transcription Foot Pedal 48-hour $25/day $50
SD Card 4 32 GB 48-hour $25/day $30
SD Card Reader 1 SD card/CF card/Micro SD card reader 3-hour $2/hour $20
Mouse (USB, retractable cord) 4 Belkin 3-hour, in library only $2/hour $50
Legacy Apple adaptors Connects older apple laptops and iPads to VGA and HDMI displays 3-hour, in library only $2/hour $30-50 depending on cost
HDMI Adapter Ring 2 Wire ring with one each of five different adapters: DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, Mini HDMI (C), Micro HDMI (D), DVI-D 3-hour, in library only $2/hour $30
HDMI Cable 8 High-speed HDMI Cable 48-hour $25/day $10
VGA Cable 8 VGA Video Cable 48-hour $25/day $10
USB-C to HDMI Cable 8 USB-C to HDMI Cable 48-hour $25/day $10
Light Therapy Lamps 5 HappyLight Energy Lamp 3-hour $2/hour $50
Portable Charger 3-5 Anker Power Bank 3-hour $2/hour $50