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What is the iTour?

It is a self-guided tour of the Library using QR Codes scanned with your smart device to display videos that inform you about the location where you are standing.

Preparing Your Smart Device

  1. Connect your device (tablet, phone) to the University's wireless network. Consult the IT Help web portal for directions with your specific device.
  2. Check the chart below to identify the best QR Code scanning option for your device.++
  3. Connect your ear buds or headphones to your device. Check out headphones at the Check Out Desk if you don’t have any.

Accessing the iTour Videos

  1. Using your smart device's (tablet, phone) camera, scan the QR Codes around the building (open the QR Code reader app first if you are using one).++
  2. Once you scan a code, a video will display. The video will provide information about the location where you are standing.
  3. Start on Floor 2 (Main Floor) by the column near the Check Out desk. Scan the QR Code labeled #1.
  4. At the end of each video, you will be told where to go next. Consult the handout map for the tour path.
  5. Need to show your professor proof of completing the iTour? At the end of the iTour you will receive additional information on how to do that

++Most Free QR Code Readers in your app store will work. Here are some recommendations.++

  • All Phones

    Snapchat by Snap Inc.

    snapchat logo
  • iPhones iOS 11+ and Android 8+

    Use phone’s camera

    smartphone camera
  • iPhone 5 or older

    BeeTagg QR Reader by connvision

    BeeTagg QR Reader logo
  • Android 7 or older

    QR Droid by DroidLa

    QR Droid logo

Want to know more about QR Codes? Wikipedia has a good entry.

iTour designed and developed by the Instruction and Student Engagement Department, Milner Library, Illinois State University