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3D scanner on a white background

3D Scanning Services

The 3D Scanning service in Milner Library can help you create digital models of physical objects that can be 3D printed or imported into other digital tools. Milner Library staff will assist with the 3D scanning of your object, no prior knowledge is required!

3D Scanning is only available to Illinois State University Faculty and Graduate Assistants for research-related use

Request a 3D Scan

Recommended for

  • Digital object creation from original physical source
  • Creating replicas or scale replicas of physical objects through 3D printing
  • Creating supportive experimental lab equipment from pre-existing items already in use

3D Scan Requirements

  • The scanned object must be used for research purposes.
  • Object dimensions must be between 30x30x30mm and no larger than 609x609x609mm.
  • Best results from object dimensions between 30x30x30mm and 200x200x200mm.
  • If you choose to drop-off your scanned object it must be picked up by the person who submitted the scan request and will require showing your University ID card at time of pick up.
  • You may not send someone with your University ID to pick up your item without first submitting the Patron Proxy Request form.
  • Any object not picked up within 14 days of notification of completion will be discarded. Repeated requests that are not picked up will result in suspension of 3D scanning services.

Prohibited Items and Exceptions

There are limitations and exceptions to the types of objects Milner Library will scan:

  • Milner Library reserves the right to refuse scanning objects that do not comply with ISU Policy 9.2.
  • The scanning of objects that can be used as, or to create, weapons is strictly prohibited.
  • Milner Library reserves the right to refuse to provide access to 3D scanning equipment if, in its judgment, use of such equipment would involve violation of copyright, patent or other laws.
  • Illinois State University and Milner Library accept no liability for use of objects.