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Electronic Document Delivery

Access Services offers electronic delivery of printed journal articles owned by Milner Library. Access Services staff will retrieve printed materials for which Milner Library has no existing electronic version, scan the printed material, and deliver to the web as an Adobe Acrobat pdf file.

Who is Eligible?

ISU faculty, staff, and graduate students are eligible for electronic document delivery. Undergraduate students enrolled in distance education courses who live more than 25 miles from Normal are also eligible.

Number of Requests Per Day

A limit of five items per patron will be processed per day (unless and until all other requests for the day have been processed.)

Number of Pages Per Request

There is a page limit of 30 pages per item. These guidelines exist for several reasons: to assure that requests are processed in a timely manner, to limit the size of email attachments for campus network integrity, and to comply with copyright regulations.

Number of Articles Per Issue

We regret that we cannot scan more than two articles per issue due to copyright regulations.

Color Scanning

Scanning with black-and-white text is the standard procedure. Campus restrictions on the size of email attachments make delivery of large color files impractical. Color scanning may be specially requested by the patron for articles where color is essential to the article, such as medical or fine arts articles or certain charts and graphs. However we cannot guarantee high quality color resolutions based on the limitations of available scanning technology.

Unfilled Requests

On occasion, a request cannot be accommodated. These situations typically fall into three categories:

  • The item is currently checked out to another patron or cannot be located.
  • The item is already available electronically.
  • The item is over 30 pages in length.

When a request cannot be accommodated, Access Services will contact the patron via e-mail and notify the patron of the reason and direct the patron to the print version or provide instructions for borrowing the material from another library via Interlibrary Loan. However we cannot guarantee that a lending library will or is able to send the material to the patron electronically.

Requests may not be filled if the item’s binding is so tight as to prevent a high quality scan or if, in the judgment of Access Services or Preservation staff, materials could be damaged during scanning.

Items Received from Other Libraries

We regret that we are not able to scan journal articles and other materials received in print format from other libraries via Interlibrary Loan. We cannot legally reproduce material which we do not own.

Instructions for Submitting a Request

  1. Logon on to your Interlibrary Loan account.
  2. Click on "Article/Chapter."
  3. Fill out the information as fully as possible so that we are able to quickly and easily locate your item.
  4. In the "Comments" field, type Document Delivery.
  5. Click "Submit Request."