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Students studying in open study space

Study Spaces

Milner Library provides spaces for all of your study needs. Whether you are studying on your own or in a group, we have a space for you.

  • General Study

    Throughout the building, we offer a lot of space for students to study, read, or just relax. We have large tables, study carrels, desk chairs and more. Find space to work individually or with a group in our large open area on Floor 3 and smaller areas on all other floors except Floor 4.

  • Quiet Floor

    Some people work better in a quiet environment, and we offer that to all of our patrons on Floor 4, which has been designated as a Quiet Floor where students can study without distractions.

  • Group Study Rooms

    Find a room on Floor 4 or Floor 5 to work with your group in a quieter space.

    Group Study Room Guidelines

  • Computer Workstations

    We offer stand-alone workstations all through Milner Library. Most floors have computers, scanners, and black and white printing stations available.

    Milner Computer Workstations

  • Collaboration Stations

    Need a whiteboard, shared monitor, and power? We’ve got it at the Collaboration Stations. Take a look at these great spaces to work in a small group.

    Find a Collaboration Station

  • Drop-in Offices

    Hook your laptop up to a keyboard, mouse,and large monitor in a quiet space on Floor 4.

    Start studying in a Drop-in Office