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Replacement Costs and Copies Policy

Replacement Costs

If library materials are long overdue, Milner Library considers those materials "lost" and charges the patron replacement costs. The minimum replacement cost is $50 per item, plus a $10 processing fee. For library materials whose value exceeds the minimum replacement cost (such as media equipment, educational kits, mobile devices, or instructors’ copies), the costs may be higher and are set at the discretion of library personnel.

If a patron returns lost material, Milner Library waives the $50 replacement cost.

If a patron pays the replacement costs, but finds and returns the lost material within one year of the payment date, the Student Accounts Office refunds the costs.

If library personnel determine a patron was billed for replacement costs erroneously, Milner Library waives all costs.

Replacement Copies

In some cases, Milner Library will accept replacement copies for long overdue, lost, or damaged materials. In such cases, Milner Library will waive the replacement fee upon receipt of the replacement copy. Milner Library regrets that we cannot waive the $10 processing fee.

Please contact the Library Billing Specialist or the appropriate subject librarian to help you identify information about the book, such as edition, translation, or ISBN, before you purchase a replacement copy. Contact the Billing Specialist at (309) 438-3451.

A replacement copy will be considered if it meets the following criteria:

  • Must be the same edition or a newer edition of the lost or damaged copy
  • Must be new or in "very good" condition
  • Must be free of markings, stamps, highlights, notations, stains, tears, loose bindings, mold, odors, or other signs of heavy use or damage.
  • Not be withdrawn or discarded from another library’s collection.
  • Not be a pre-publication copy, advanced copy, or proof
  • Must be the same or a newer format (i.e. we will not accept a VHS copy if the lost copy was a DVD.)

Milner Library will not accept replacement copies for the following:

  • Mobile devices, media equipment, or peripherals
  • Materials from the Browsing Books collection

Replacement Pieces for Library Materials with Multiple Pieces

In some cases, Milner Library will accept replacement pieces for materials with multiple pieces, and one or more pieces are lost or damaged. Examples of items with multiple pieces include music scores, audio-visuals, educational kits, and media equipment. In such cases, Milner Library will waive the replacement charges upon receipt of the replacement piece.

Where to Bring or Send Replacement Copies or Pieces

Please bring replacement copies and pieces to the Billing Specialist at Milner Library’s Service Desk. If it is not possible to bring the replacement copies or pieces in person, please use registered mail. When mailing replacement copies or pieces to the library, patrons should include their name, contact information, and a note that identifies the contents as replacements. Library personnel will confirm receipt of the replacement and credit the patron’s account accordingly. The library’s mailing address is:

Attn: Circulation
Milner Library
Campus Box 8900
Illinois State University
Normal, IL 61790-8900

Refunds for Purchased Replacement Copies

If you find the original material after you have purchased a replacement copy or piece, Milner Library regrets that it cannot refund your cost for the replacement copy or for the processing fee. Once Milner Library accepts replacement copies or pieces, the materials become the property of the State of Illinois. We regret the inconvenience but kindly ask you to consider such circumstances as donations.

If you have any questions, please call (309) 438-3905.