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Borrowing Rules

Card holder must present their courtesy card and a photo ID when borrowing materials from Milner Library. Card holders may have up to twenty items checked out on their card at one time.

Card holders are not eligible for interlibrary loan services or remote access to library databases, subscription services, and e-journals. Card holders are not eligible to use computer labs, laptop lending program, media equipment, tablets, mobile devices, or other services that are supported by student fees or contractually restricted to current students and university employees.

Loan Periods

Loan Periods and Renewals by Material Type
Material Type or Collection Loan Period Maximum Renewals Allowed
Books & Music Scores 4 weeks 1
Teaching Materials Collection 2 weeks 1
Browsing Books 2 weeks 1
DVDs & VHS 1 week none
CDs 1 week none
Reference Materials At discretion of reference librarians At discretion of reference librarians
Headphones 3-hours, in library use only Renewable if no one else is waiting


All materials must be returned or renewed by their due date. Materials may be returned in person or by mail. Many materials in the library have multiple pieces, such as educational kits, media equipment, music scores, and media. It is the patron’s responsibility to return all pieces.


Milner Library sends all notices via e-mail. Card holders are strongly encouraged to supply a valid e-mail address at the time of application. If no e-mail address is provided, Milner Library mails notices to the card holder’s address. Library personnel contact card holders by telephone only in unusual circumstances.

In most cases, Milner Library sends a courtesy notice one day before materials are due, a first overdue notice when materials are seven days past due, and a second overdue notice when materials are ten days past due. After the second overdue notice, card holders are billed for replacement costs.

Billing and Fines

Library material not returned or renewed within twenty-eight days of the due date is considered “lost.” The minimum replacement cost for books and audio-visual materials is $50.00 per item. For library materials with a value that exceeds the minimum replacement cost (such as educational kits), replacement costs may be higher and are set at the discretion of library personnel. The replacement cost of the material will be waived if the material is returned; provided the processing fee is not refundable.

If a patron pays the replacement costs but finds and returns the lost material within one year of the payment date, Milner Library refunds the replacement costs paid.

If library personnel determine a patron was billed for replacement costs erroneously, Milner Library waives all costs.


Milner Library accepts personal checks made out to "Illinois State University." Please pay in person or send checks to:

Attn: Circulation
Milner Library
Campus Box 8900
Illinois State University
Normal, IL 61790-8900

Although we cannot accept credit card payments in person, Milner Library offers online bill payment. All major credit cards are accepted.