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Collection Highlights

  • Black and white photograph of the 1920 Fell Hall honor residents at Illinois State Normal University. The photograph shows ten female honor students posing on a Fell Hall porch.  The cupola of Old Main is visible in the upper right corner of the photograph.

    Women history at ISU

    From Milner Library founder Ange Milner and first female faculty member June Rose Colby to championship-winning women’s sports teams, these images document more than a century of women’s accomplishments at ISU.

  • Black and white photograph of Old Main, the original building on the campus of Illinois State Normal University, in 1907.  The photograph was taken from the southwest and shows the front of the building.

    ISU buildings

    Explore ISU’s architectural history and discover demolished landmarks such as Old Main, the first building on campus.

  • Student at graduation, 1979.


    ISU students receive their diplomas and celebrate with family and friends during this annual stadium-packing ceremony of congratulations.

  • Students select dessert at the student diner 'The Cage' 1963. The diner was moved from Fell Hall to the University Union, and eventually to the Bone Student Center where various establishments would continue to use the name on and off over the course of many years. Date unknown.

    Students through the years

    Redbirds learn, study, socialize, and relax on campus.

  • Homecoming parade, November, 1964.


    Bonfires, parades, and football festivities mark the annual homecoming celebration at ISU.

  • The Redbird mascot in the Homecoming parade, 1975.

    Redbird mascots

    Reggie Redbird only dates back to 1980, but this distinctive cardinal logo and mascot has been a part of ISU sporting events and campus culture since 1923.