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Collection Highlights

  • 'Baby Jesus', 1974. Illustration of baby jesus in a lotus flower.

    Christmas in India

    Collected by the Christian Children’s Fund between 1973 and 1974, these works show the blending of Christian and local traditions, such Christmastime drawings of baby Jesus in a lotus blossom.

  • 'Komposition in Punkt', 1962

    German Abstracts

    Abstract expressionism became one of the dominant artistic styles in the West in the years following WWII. These 1950s-era works reflect the feelings and anxieties of the mostly teenage artists.

  • 'Colorful Kittens', 1960


    Children all around the world depict their feline friends.

  • 'Landscape', 1960

    Japanese Landscapes

    Peaceful scenes of parks, farmland, natural areas, and small villages collected between 1969 and 1989.

  • 'Pine Eagle', 1971

    Taos Pueblo Watercolors

    The children of the Taos Pueblo Day School in New Mexico used brightly colored water-based paints to create these pieces between 1970 and 1971.

  • 'A Beautiful Afternoon With Birds Returning to Nests', 1972

    Images with audio description

    74 works include short streaming audio files describing the visual elements of the composition, including the colors, figures, and techniques.