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Milner Library exterior behind the ISU Seal

Milner's Vision for Student Success

Student success is a complex and dynamic concept that varies from student to student. Milner Library takes a holistic approach to student success by engaging with students where they are in their personal learning process and providing access to information, education, programming, and other resources. The library seeks to understand students' needs and support the many ways that they define success.

We understand our students to be:

  • Dynamic people who want to learn and grow both as scholars and global citizens and develop connections between their academic and personal lives
  • Diverse, unique, creative people who want to learn and discover within a supportive, welcoming environment where they feel a sense of belonging
  • People whose opinions matter and who can help us shape library collections and services through their feedback and preferences

With this understanding of our students, we have identified guiding principles to support student success and the development of an ongoing passion for learning:

Vision for Student Success Guiding Document