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Statement of Use for Digital Collections and Online Exhibitions

Milner Library creates digital access to certain collections in order to support the private study, educational, and scholarly endeavors of the Illinois State University community and the general public.

In preparing digital collections and online exhibitions, Milner Library evaluates copyright status and considers specific exceptions permitted in U.S. copyright law, including fair use. In some cases, Illinois State University owns copyright or has determined collections are not protected by copyright.

Where our digital collections and online exhibitions are protected by copyright, Illinois State University makes no representation about the copyright or other legal status of the materials. It is the user’s responsibility to identify copyright owners and obtain the appropriate permissions to publish or reproduce images.

For obtaining permission to publish or use images specifically owned by Illinois State University, please see our Permission for Use application.

Milner Library deaccessions digital collections or online exhibitions, in whole or in party, only for legal or ethical reasons. If you believe your rights, or the rights of minor children or adults under you legal care, have been infringed, you may submit a take-down request. All requests will be reviewed by relevant Illinois State University stakeholders.

If you have a take-down request, questions or additional information about our collections to share with us, please contact