A Global Look at Children's Development in Art

These two exhibits trace the ways maturing artists depict and organize objects in their artwork as they progress from random scribbles to highly complex compositions. These exhibits have been shown at The Hong Kong Museum of Art, The Chicago College of Professional Psychology, Coe College, and many other institutions throughout the United States. The artwork show a sequence of development from very young children's scribbles to mature, sophisticated compositions. The exhibits represent children from dozens of countries.

The Development of the Figure Concept by Children

The Development of Spatial Relations by Children

When given the opportunity, children everywhere progress through several common developmental stages. Some children, however, continue developing in art production and generate highly sophisticated results. As these two exhibits illustrate, the natural progression of artistic development is shaped by factors which include cultural experiences and the opportunity for formal education. These two exhibits were selected and developed by Dr. Richard A. Salome and Dr. Barry E. Moore.

Explanation of the developmental stages in children's artwork.