Mexico as Seen Through Her Children's Eyes

Dr. Barry E. Moore selected this exhibit in 1995 in conjunction with the Indiana Humanities Council and Indiana International Forum. It contains artwork by twenty Mexican children who share their perceptions of life in their native land in this delightful exhibit. From simple, honest, impressions of animals to depictions of special customs and festivities, these children from six to thirteen years old invite us to view Mexico from their unique perspective. The young artists represented here show activities that bring delight to them as well as the viewers. The artwork varies from very young children's depictions to mature sophisticated compositions. This exhibit has been shown throughout the public schools in Indiana, the Rockford Discovery Center, and John A. Logan College.

Exhibit developer/curator: Dr. Barry E. Moore, Curator, I.C.C.A.
Exhibit Fee: $300 each month exhibited
Exhibit space needed: 60 running feet (unless stacked)
Number of pieces: 20 originals
Number of crates: 1 wooden crate
Weight of crate: 125 to 150 pounds
Insurance value: $2500
Security requirement: Moderate

All exhibits are framed and mounted under Plexiglas, ready to hang. All pieces are labeled with age, gender, country, and titles. The artwork is shipped in wooden crates built specifically for the exhibits. Shipping will be arranged and provided by the exhibitor.  Please see the Conditions Governing Loan of Exhibit for additional information.

Costume, boy, age 13, Mexico

Devil, boy, age 7, Mexico

Bakeshop, boy, age 12, Mexico

Breaking the Piñata, boy, age 11, Mexico