Children Draw Animals

"Children Draw Animals" I & II are delightful 20-piece exhibits of drawings, collages, and paintings from over a dozen countries. These exhibits have been shown at the Cincinnati Art Museum, at the Nickelodeon headquarters in Los Angeles, Richland Community College, and Lake Forest Academy as well as other institutions throughout the United States.

Exhibit curator: Dr. Barry E. Moore, Curator, I.C.C.A.
Exhibit Fee: $300 each month exhibited
Exhibit space needed: 60 running feet (unless stacked)
Number of pieces: 20 originals
Number of crates: 1 wooden crate per exhibit
Weight of crate: 125-150 pounds per crate
Insurance value: $2500 per 20-piece exhibit
Security requirement: Moderate

All exhibits are framed and mounted under Plexiglas, ready to hang. All pieces are labeled with age, gender, country, and titles. The artwork is shipped in wooden crates built specifically for the exhibits. Shipping will be arranged and provided by the exhibitor.  Please see the Conditions Governing Loan of Exhibit for additional information.


Children Draw Animals I

Cat and the Mouse, girl, age 7, Bogota, Columbia

Polar Bear, girl, age 9, Kotzebue, Alaska, USA

Rhinos, boy, age 9, Hong Kong

, boy, age 8, Transvaal, South Africa


Children Draw Animals II

Elephant, girl, age 9, Transvaal, South Africa

Boy Feeding his Wounded Bird, boy, age 8, Indonesia

Animal Study, boy, age 13, Mexico

Love of Animals, boy, age 15, Hong Kong