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Illinois State University Historical Video Series, 1857-2007

The history of Illinois State University is told through a series of 12 video presentations collectively spanning the period 1857-2007. The series was started in 1995 and completed in 2006. Productions were introduced annually at the Founders Day celebration in February.

The Founding, 14 minutes, 1995.

Discusses the establishment of the university in 1857.

The Noblest Building: Go Forth to Danger, 13 minutes, 1996.

Discusses completion of the Old Main Building and experiences of soldiers from Illinois State in the Civil War.

A New Era at Normal, 14 minutes, 1997.

Discusses the post Civil War era at the university and President Richard Edwards.

The Challenges of Change, 14 minutes, 1998.

Discusses the events of 1867.

Defending the Grandest Enterprise, 14 minutes, 1999.

Discusses the events of 1868-1876.

The Era of Transition, 15 minutes, 2000.

Discusses the events of 1877-1890.

The Turn of the Century, 21 minutes, 2001.

Discusses the events of 1890-1900.

From Normal School to Teachers College, 22 minutes, 2002.

Discusses the events of 1900-1930.

The Era of Uncertainty and the Post War Renewal, 25 minutes, 2003.

Discusses the events of 1930-1956.

A Vigor Uncoiling, 23 minutes, 2004.

Discusses the administration of the university's ninth president, Dr. Robert G. Bone, and the expansion of the university from a teachers' college with 3,000 students to a university with nearly 10,000 students.

Unrest, Controversy and Rethinking the Plan, 32 minutes, 2005.

Covers the period 1967-1977, including administrations of Samuel Braden, David Berlo, and Gene Budig. Discusses campus unrest in the late 60s and early 70s.

Academic Retrenchment and Social Redirection, 43 minutes, 2006.

Covers the period 1977-2007.

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