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Shared Governance at Milner Library

The participation in the shared governance of Milner Library occurs through faculty and staff participation in college and university councils and committees as well as regularly scheduled faculty meetings.

Library Faculty Council (LFC)

According to LFC Bylaws, the purpose of the Council:
Pursuant to the Constitution of Illinois State University and these bylaws, the Library Faculty Council shall act as the official body through which the library faculty shares in the governance of Milner Library and participates in the creation of policies and procedures within Milner Library. All Library Faculty Council decisions and recommendations are advisory to the Dean of Milner Library, who serves as a voting member. The Library Faculty Council and the Dean of Milner Library discuss their decisions and recommendations with the library faculty.

Angie Bonnell (FY14-15)
Maureen Brunsdale (FY14-15)
Sally Gibson (FY14-15)
Jean MacDonald (Chair)
Julie Murphy (FY15-16)
Vanette Schwartz (FY15-16)
Anne Shelley (FY15-16)
Alexis Wolstein (FY14-15)
Dane Ward (Ex officio - Dean of Milner Library)

The Milner Library Faculty Council conducts elections for library representatives to University committees and for internal library committees. Bylaws of Milner Library Faculty Council are available on the Library's staff intranet.

College Faculty Status Committee (CFSC)

According to part IV of the Illinois State University Faculty Appointment, Salary, Promotion and Tenure Policies document:
The CFSC shall review Department/School policies and procedures for appointment, reappointment, performance evaluation, promotion, tenure, and post-tenure reviews with authority to ensure conformity to College standards and University policies and procedures. The CFSC shall review Department/School policies and procedures for the allocation monies devoted to performance evaluated salary increments. These policies and procedures are left to the discretion of each Department/School, but the CFSC shall review them for clarity,and fairness, and internal consistency.

Dane Ward (Ex officio - Dean of Milner Library)
Jim Cunningham
Chad Buckley (FY15-16)

Milner Library College Faculty Status Committee College Standards is available on the Library's staff intranet.

Department Faculty Status Committee (DFSC)

According to Appendix I of the Milner Library Department Faculty Status Committee Criteria for Appointment, Evaluation, Salary Distribution, Promotion and Tenure document:
The DFSC shall be responsible for conducting pre-tenure reappointment reviews, and for providing pre-tenure faculty with individualized timelines for their probationary periods; conducting annual performance evaluations of faculty; reviewing faculty members’ professional activities and performance for purposes of promotion, tenure and post-tenure reviews; and review of this Criteria document and leading faculty in discussion of any needed changes.

Sarah French (FY15-16)
Kathleen Lonbom (FY14-15)
Sandy Roe (FY15-16)
Jennifer Sharkey (FY15)
Dallas Long (Chair)

Milner Library Department Faculty Status Committee’s Criteria for Appointment, Evaluation, Salary Distribution, Promotion and Tenure is available on the Library's staff intranet.

Non-Tenure Track Evaluation Committee

The purpose of the non-tenure track evaluation committee is to serve as an advisory group to the Dean in the event of unresolved disagreements between a non-tenure track faculty member and the direct supervisor with regard to the non-tenure track faculty member's evaluation. In the case of an unresolved disagreement, the non-tenure track faculty member may request that the committee review all evaluation materials submitted. The committee then writes a report to submit to the Dean.

Anne Shelley (FY15-16)
Chris Worland (FY14-15)
Alexis Wolstein (FY15-16)
Sarah French (Department Faculty Status Committee representative)
Chad Kahl (Chair)

Faculty Research and Development Committee (FRDC)

FRDC’s charge, activities and members can be found on the committee's web page.

Academic Senate / Academic Senate Standing Committees

Standing Internal Senate Committees
Academic Senator / Faculty Caucus - Chad Buckley (FY13-15)
Administrative Affairs and Budget Committee - Chad Buckley (FY13-15)

Standing External Senate Committees
Academic Planning - Chad Kahl
Administrative Selection Committee (Panel of Ten) - Jean MacDonald (FY15)
Council for Teacher Education - Anita Beaman (FY12-15)
Council on General Education - Jennifer Sharkey (FY13-15)
Faculty Review Committee - Maureen Brunsdale (FY13-16)
Honors Council - Chris Worland (FY13-15)
Reinstatement Committee - Jim Cunningham (FY12-15)
University Curriculum Committee - Patrice-Andre Prud'homme (FY15-FY17)
University Hearing Panel - Anne Shelley (FY13-15)
University Review Committee - Angie Bonnell (FY13-16)
University Service Awards Selection Committee - Jean MacDonald (FY13-14)

Other Campus Committees

Committee on Critical Inquiry - Jean MacDonald, Jennifer Sharkey, Sharon Van Der Laan, Alexis Wolstein, Chris Worland
Data Centers Coordinating Committee - Rong Li
Data Stewardship Council - Dane Ward
Information Technology Service Management Council - Rong Li
Intellectual Property Committee - Dallas Long
School of Music Curriculum Committee - Anne Shelley
University Assessment Council - Jean MacDonald
University Teaching Committee - Jennifer Sharkey
Web Technology Coordinating Committee - Rong Li

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