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Milner Library's Fire Alarm and Evacuation Procedures


The following procedures should be followed in the event of a fire or an activated fire alarm at Milner Library.

If You Discover Smoke or Fire

  1. Do NOT attempt to combat the fire.
  2. Pull the closest fire alarm.
  3. Call 911. Supply the following information:
  • type of emergency (flames, smoke, odor, etc.)
  • the location of the fire or smoke in the building
  • your name
  • The library's address (201 N. School St, Normal)

Exit the building using the emergency stairwells and go to our designated gathering place – between the Bone Student Center and the Bowling and Billiards Center.

Shut – but do not lock – all doors that you pass through. This will help contain the fire.

If the fire occurs outside of normal business hours, use the emergency phone tree to also notify one of the following people:

  • Dane Ward 
  • Chad Kahl
  • Dallas Long 
  • Becky Franz

Alarm Locations and Procedures

Alarms are located at the entrance of each emergency stairwell, except on Floor 2, where the alarms are located inside the emergency stairwells. Alarms trigger automatically when smoke is detected. Pull the alarms if flame or smoke is detectable and the alarms have not already activated. Call 911 even if the alarms are already ringing.

The alarms are VERY loud and have flashing strobe lights. Patrons will be aware of an emergency.

Evacuation Procedures

When a fire alarm is ringing, library employees should notify all patrons and other staff in their immediate vicinity that all occupants must leave the building. Direct patrons to evacuate using the emergency stairwells and NOT the central staircase. Library staff should not search the library for patrons before evacuating the building themselves. If a patron refuses to leave the building, the staff should continue with evacuation procedures. Call 911 to inform emergency personnel of the location of people remaining inside the building. Emergency personnel are responsible for checking all floors and locations in the building for people who did not evacuate. Safely evacuating patrons is NOT your responsibility.

  • Do NOT remain in the building or go upstairs for any reason.
  • Do NOT open a door that is hot to the touch (use the back of your hand to test the temperature of the door.) Find another way out of the building if the door is hot.
  • Exit the building using the emergency stairwells. DO NOT USE THE CENTRAL STAIRCASE - it may fill with smoke.
  • Do NOT use the elevators - they will not operate when the fire alarms are activated.
  • Keep the lights on to provide additional visibility for emergency personnel.
  • Close any doors that you pass; this will help contain the fire.
  • Go outside the building and congregate between the Bone Student Center and the Bowling and Billiards Center. Remain there until your safety is verified by library staff. In poor weather conditions, congregate inside the first floor of the Bone Student Center. You MUST leave the library regardless of weather conditions or perceived lack of danger.
  • Help defray confusion by informing the people in charge of the whereabouts of your colleagues–were they at work at the time of the emergency? Did you see someone still in the building as you evacuated?
  • Once you have evacuated the building, stay clear of entrances to provide access for emergency personnel.

People with Disabilities

People with disabilities should use the emergency stairwells as an Area of Refuge if they are unable to evacuate the building. (The North side stairwell is painted with blue squares, the East side stairwell with green circles, and the South side stairwell with red triangles to identify the stairwells easily for people who are directionally challenged.) The person(s) with disabilities should wait in the Area of Refuge for emergency personnel to assist him/her with evacuation, if necessary. Do not attempt to move people in wheelchairs down stairways or out of their wheelchair.

Inform emergency personnel and other library staff of the presence and location of a person with disabilities.

Emergency Response Staff at the Main Entrance

A library staff member or supervisor will remain in front (but not inside) of the library to serve as contacts for emergency personnel and to inform patrons not to enter the building.

The Fire Department will announce when it is safe to re-enter the building. They will be responsible for turning off the fire alarms and for re-setting the alarm system.

If the fire alarm or emergency continues after the library's regular closing time, the library staff in charge will determine which employees will remain until it is safe to re-enter the building and lock up.

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