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Frequently Asked Questions


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1. I want to apply to the program. What do I do?

  • Apply to the university by going to the Office of Admissions site. The application can be filled out online, and there is a $40 application fee. Choose the Post Baccalaureate Program in School Librarianship as your program or major.
  • Submit your personal goals statement and resume with your application.  
  • Send letters of recommendation to Anita Beaman ( Letters should be in pdf format and preferably on letterhead.  Letters can also be mailed to Anita Beaman, Campus Box 8900, Normal, Il 61790.  Transcripts should be sent to Admissions. For more information on the School Library Program’s application process, see the Program’s Admission Requirement page.


2. What do you look for in the Professional Goals Statement portion of the application?

  • Why you want to be a school library media specialist/teacher-librarian?
    i. What appeals to you about leaving the traditional classroom for the school library?
    ii. What do you feel you can offer to your school library and your students that you cannot offer through the traditional classroom?
    iii. What qualities do you have that will help make you an excellent school librarian?
  • Your goals for your career as a teacher-librarian.
    i. Do you hope to earn the Post Baccalaureate Certificate, the certificate, and the C&I Masters or plan to go on to obtain an MLS?
    ii. Do you have a prospective position in mind, or will you be searching for a school library job?
    iii. What roles do you think the librarian can/should play in a school? How do you see yourself filling these rolls?
  • The relationship between school librarianship and Realizing the Democratic Ideal, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Core Propositions, or Illinois Professional Teaching Standards


3. I want to take a class but the application deadline has already passed. Is it too late? 

  • No. If you do not have time to apply to the program before taking your first class, you can apply to the university as a graduate student-at-large and apply to the School Library Program during your first semester.


4. How do I apply to be a graduate student-at-large?

  • Apply to the university by going to the Office of Admissions site. The application can be filled out online, and there is a $40 application fee.
  • Register for classes as a Student-at-Large. For more information on graduate students-at-large, go to the Graduate School’s website.


5. How much does it cost to take a class?

  • Information on graduate tuition can be found on the Student Accounts page.  If you have questions about tuition or fees, please contact the Student Accounts office at (309) 438-5643.


6. Can I receive financial aid?

  • Students in the Post Baccalaureate Certificate Program in School Librarianship may be eligilbe for financial aid if they meet certain criteria.  For more information, contact Shawn Rigsby at the Financial Aid office: (309)438-2744 or


7. I’ve been accepted into/am applying to the C&I masters’ program. Do I need to apply to the school library certification program as well?

  • Yes. The masters’ program and Post Baccalaureate Certificate/School Library Endorsement are separate. Also, it’s important to note that the Masters program does not automatically lead to an endorsement. Please contact Anita Beaman ( to discuss the Post Baccalaureate Certificate and endorsement, and check the endorsement requirements carefully if you’re seeking an endorsement.


9. How do I register for my classes?

  • After you have been accepted to the University, you will need to request an override before registering for your classes.  To request an override, email your name, UID, course numbers and whether or not you plan to use tuition waivers to Anita Beaman at
  • After the override has been granted, you may register for classes through My Illinois State.
  • For more information about registering, visit the Registrar’s website.
  • For details about curriculum, specific courses, required courses, and electives, see the School Library Program’s Course Page or contact the School Library Program Director, Anita Beaman, at (
  • See the School Library Program website for a list of ISBE approved electives.


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1. I don’t have a teacher’s certificate, or my certificate is for a different grade level than the job I want. Can I get the right certificate from your program?

  • No. We can only add an endorsement to your current teaching certificate. We cannot certify you to teach new or different grade levels. To do this, you need to complete a Type 10 certification program, like the one offered by the University of Illinois. If you have questions about your certification or what kind of certification you need, feel free to contact us (


2. Do I have to take a test to get my endorsement?

  • All certified teachers wishing to seek additional endorsements must take and pass a content area exam.  For information on testing for certification, visit the ISBE’s Educator Certification website. Scroll to the bottom for links regarding testing for certification. The Library Information Specialist exam is offered approximately six times per year. Check the website for test dates.
  • A study guide is available for those who wish to prepare for the test.


3. When do I apply for my ISBE endorsement? What do I have to do?

  • It is recommended that you do this during your final semester of coursework. Turnaround time for state certificates is approximately 60 days. For information on the process and forms, go to your Regional Office of Education’s website. ROE 17’s website (McLean & surrounding counties) contains the steps for application.  Follow the link to the ROE’s site, then scroll down to IX: Application for Endorsements on Elementary and Secondary Certificate.


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1. I have to take an elective. I don’t live near ISU, so my course must be online. What can I take?

  • The three TCH elective courses are typically offered online.  However, they are not offered every semester. You can also take the Materials Selection and Use course in our program that you did not take for your required classes.  If you have already taken a course you think could count as an elective, have taken an elective elsewhere, or wish to take an elective elsewhere, see questions three and four below.


2. I want to pursue the C&I Masters with an emphasis in school librarianship. What classes do I need to take?

  • You’ll need to take 12 credit hours of our library science classes, and we can advise you regarding these classes.  Your remaining hours must meet the TCH course of study.  For more information on the TCH requirements, contact Linda Wedwick at 309-438-5425 or .


3. Can I substitute another class for one of the electives or requirements for my endorsement?

  • Since ISBE will ultimately review your transcripts, they will decide what counts as library science coursework. The ISBE endorsement requires 24 credit hours of library science coursework. Courses from other institutions that might be substituted or transferred are those which are clearly offered by a Library Science program. Other courses taken at ISU must be approved by ISBE to count toward the endorsement. The ISU program is not in a position to make that decision. Students can ask ISBE to review their transcripts early in the program to see which courses ISBE will accept as well as what deficiencies they identify.


4. Can I transfer in a course from another university?

  • If you are working on your endorsement, ISBE ultimately decides which courses will be accepted. Courses from other institutions that might be substituted or transferred are those which are clearly offered by a Library Science program. Students can ask ISBE to review their transcripts early in the program to see which courses they accept as well as what deficiencies they identify.


5. I took one of the required courses or electives several years ago. Do I need to take it again?

  • The university counts a course for 6 years if you’re pursuing a degree or certificate. However, if you have already used the course to count toward another degree (for example, if you took it while working toward your Bachelor’s degree), ISU will typically not allow you to count it a second time, in this case, toward your Post Baccalaureate Certificate in School Librarianship. However, in this situation, contact Anita Beaman to discuss your options (
  • ISBE has no expiration date on classes. If you took one of the approved electives as an undergraduate, ISBE will probably allow you to count it toward your endorsement. We recommend that you check with ISBE to confirm they will accept the course(s).


6. How do I know what I still need to take? How do I get a program of study?

  • Complete the Degree Audit (formerly program of study) form found on the Graduate School’s website. Scroll to the section for Certificate Program Students and complete the Microsoft Word Degree Audit form.  Email your completed form to Anita Beaman (  You must complete the Degree Audit form before applying for your Certificate Completion (see below).  The Degree Audit should be completed during your last semester of coursework.


7. What do I have to do to finish the program and obtain my Post Baccalaureate Certificate from ISU?

  • You must complete a Degree Audit (see question six above) and apply for your Certificate Completion. For information on how and when to apply for certificate completion, visit the Graduate School’s website


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